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Age comes with many uncomfortable changes, including depleting estrogen and testosterone levels, as well as painful conditions like peripheral neuropathy. At Infinity Regenerative & Neuropathy Center in Plano, Texas, Dr. Alma Horrilleno offers neuropathy services, while Dr. Henry Horrilleno specializes in wellness and erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments. Together, they help patients achieve lasting relief.


Infinity Regenerative & Neuropathy Center is a state-of-the-art wellness clinic founded and operated by board-certified surgeon Henry Horrilleno, MD. The clinic focuses on finding nonsurgical treatments for patients experiencing chronic pain, hormone imbalances, and other common health concerns.


The practice offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with the Pellecome™ pellet delivery system. They also treat erectile dysfunction (ED) without medication so men can enjoy a fulfilling sex life once again.


For patients experiencing chronic pain, tingling, and numbness from peripheral neuropathy, the practice treats this condition with a clinically proven, FDA-cleared protocol covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.


To learn more about the non-surgical, pain-relieving treatments available at Infinity Regenerative and Neuropathy Center, call or request an appointment online today.


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Call Today to Request Your Appointment

Call Today to Request Your Appointment

Treatment is Covered by Insurance

Treatment at Infinity Regenerative and Neuropathy Center is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. We accept insurances not listed on this list. However, we will need detailed information to verify eligibility and network status.

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